Ultimate Mobile Escape Room

Ultimate Mobile Escape Room

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Our Ultimate mobile escape rooms are designed for inside, low ceiling locations.

Purchase your own Ultimate Mobile Escape Room.

These escape rooms are the ideal solution for Carnivals and Fairs. Schools, Colleges, Corporate Functions, Winter Activities or just about any event. Unlike a brick and mortar Escape Room or even the trailer mounted Escape Rooms, our units are truly mobile and can go just about anywhere, inside and outside.

Our escape rooms are available for purchase in two different styles.

Start your own Escape Room Business Today!

The "Ultimate Escape Room" is more elaborate. In addition to the standard puzzles, challenges, and scenarios found in the "Portable Escape Room", this package includes electronic locks and keypads, moving drawers, and special lighting electronics. A super heavy duty EZ-UP Endeavor Aluminun Tent is included.

Complete Package Prices:

Ultimate Mobile Escape Room......$9995.00

Available Themes include: Mummy Resurrection, Space the Final Frontier, and Fallout Bunker
(delivery time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks)


Games are programmed to be 15 minutes or less, however is completely adjustable



The Fallout Bunker

After a possible nuclear attack, you are assembled in a 
Fallout Shelter. Soon you find out something is wrong and you need to get out.

The Fallout Bunker includes hi-tech electronic challenges as well as the usual
mechanical and manual puzzles. This Fallout Bunker scenario was created entirely by
the design team at Phantom Entertainment. It is original and includes hi-tech electronics that
are not found in any other escape room!

Required Space 15ft x 15ft plus 2 AC outlets


Mummy Resurrection

Enter the tomb of Seti I in the Valley of the Kings.
Can you find the clues and solve the puzzles to
escape this wondrous tomb?


This mobile escape room is beautifully decorated and gives 
you the feeling of actually being in a Pharaoh's tomb.

The Mummy Resurrection is an original escape room
created and designed by the Phantom Staff and is not available
anywhere else.

Phantom Escape Rooms

Required space 10ft x 15ft x 10ftH
Power needed: 1 AC Circuit








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